Hints and Tips

Before you apply you may want to think about the following:

Consider the right role for you

You can only apply for one role at a time. Have you considered which role is most suited to your skills and experience?

Do your homework

Have you researched the role thoroughly? Getting involved in work experience is desirable and is a great opportunity to network with industry experts and see the role first hand.

Your CV represents you

Have you tailored your CV to the role to ensure your key transferable skills are highlighted?

Attention to detail

Have you double checked your application for spelling and grammatical errors? First impressions count!

Back up your claims

You may be asked some key questions relevant to the role on your online application. Give us some examples to bring your experience to life.

Plan your time well

Have you allowed adequate time to complete the online form? You will be asked some key questions, use this as your opportunity to shine!

Your telephone interview

If your online application is successful, you may be asked to attend a telephone interview. This is an opportunity for you to talk to one of our team and answer some top line questions relevant to the role, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Research the role thoroughly

Be prepared to talk through your understanding of the role you have applied for.

Research the business

Our careers site is a great place to start!

Think about your setting

Ensure you are in a quiet area with minimal background noise.

Listen carefully

Focus on each question and speak as clearly and concisely as possible.

Preparing for your interview

Your interview is the first opportunity you will have to make an impression in person so it is key to prepare yourself in advance.

Check the facts

Ensure you are clear on the date, time and location of the interview and be familiar with the name and title of the interviewer.

Think about your appearance

Ensure your appearance is smart, comfortable and professional, and think about how you can best reflect the business and your audience.

Get to know the business

Find out as much as possible about House of Fraser in advance, make sure that you visit our stores. For store management roles it is advisable to complete a SWOT analysis relevant to your application.

Be prepared to sell yourself

Familiarise yourself with the job profile and the key skills we are looking for in the role. Think about examples of situations that will best describe those skills.

Prepare some questions

An interview is a two way process and it is key you find out everything you need to decide whether the role is right for you. Ensure your questions are relevant!

Your interview

Well done! You have successfully made it through to your first face to face meeting with us. The interview is a two way process; an opportunity for us to find out more about you and to ask you some key competency questions relevant to the role, as well as a chance for you to find out more about our business, the role and ask any questions you may have.

Be punctual

Plan your route and plan contingency time so you are prepared for any unexpected delays!

Be aware of your body language

The way in which you present yourself will tell us a lot about you. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer to build a good rapport.

Be a good listener

Listen carefully to the question you are being asked and try and focus on this throughout your answer to avoid going off track!

Speak clearly and confidently

Remember it is not just what you say it is how you say it!

Pick your example

Reflect on the best example you could draw on to illustrate what you are being asked for and elaborate on that, rather than focusing on multiple examples.

Be yourself

You will be at your best if you relax and allow yourself to be yourself.