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Senior Sales Manager

"I'm living proof of what can be achieved at House of Fraser - the opportunities here are incredible."
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"My name is Laura and as Senior Sales Manager my key responsibilities are to look after the Sales Advisors and Sales Managers - driving standards, sales and ultimately, delivering a great customer experience.

The part I enjoy most is the way I'm able to interact with people every day. Everyone is a new potential customer for us – allowing us to excite and ‘wow' customers about our brands.

I'm living proof of what can be achieved at House of Fraser. I started as a Sales Advisor and worked my way up through four stores - the opportunities here are incredible.

It's the feeling that I am also working for a premium brand - all the big names under one roof. For example, Mary Portas has just launched in Oxford Street, which is such a great addition to the product and service offering to the business.

My career started whilst I was still at University - working as a Sales Advisor in Bristol. It was whilst there I heard about all the development programmes and opportunities at House of Fraser. So once I'd completed my degree, I started full-time, and have been working my way up since!"


Head of PR

"It's about enabling our people to be successful and giving them the tools to do so."
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"I'm Alistair, Head of PR and I've worked for House of Fraser for almost a year now. My key responsibilities are two-fold; firstly to manage any press enquiries that House of Fraser receive, and secondly to proactively secure editorial coverage for the business in key media.

What I enjoy most about my role is seeing the results. For example, launching a new range and seeing my work featured in magazines or on TV is really satisfying.

For me House of Fraser is a great place because of the opportunity to work for a nationwide retailer, and one which people have a real affinity with. Most people have grown-up with a House of Fraser store nearby and I think that's brilliant. Also the people here are great; there's an opportunity to work with some really dynamic individuals who are leaders in their field, and I love that!

Our culture is very driven, totally professional and a very 'can-do' attitude combined with a friendliness you don't always see in other businesses. I think it's the combination of these factors that make us unique. It's very much an open door and a non-hierarchical policy, so you can get involved in many different things. Everyone just wants you to succeed – it's about enabling our people to be successful and giving them the tools to do so.

If I could sum up the business in three words it would be: Dynamic, Premium and Inclusive.

The route I took into PR was pretty much a direct one. I did a post grad' in journalism and although I always intended to be a journalist, I fell into PR when I undertook a temporary contract. That was 15 years ago and I really enjoy the environment - the pace, the fact you can see the results very quickly, and the impact driving sales has on the bottom line. So, I started working for PR agencies and I've stayed in the industry ever since. I've tried both sides of the fence - agencies and in-house - and I definitely prefer in-house. I love it!

My advice to potential PR candidates would be to persevere! It's a competitive market and there are a lot of people who are looking for that opportunity. Do some work experience to get your foot in the door; showing a willingness to get stuck in is key. You also need to throw yourself in, be positive and have a real 'can do' approach, as you never know - that might be the place that offers you your first job."


Store Manager

"Everyone has a clear picture of what we are aiming to be and how we will get there."
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"Hello, I'm Alyson and I've been a Store Manager with House of Fraser for two years. As a Manager my key responsibilities are first and foremost - my people. We manage large teams, directly employing our own employees, as well as working closely with our brand partners; so at any one time you could have over three hundred people working with you. It's a big responsibility leading a team and enabling them to do the best that they can.

Product is another key focus. I work closely with the buying and merchandising teams to ensure the product mix in my store is aligned to my local market and meeting my customers' expectations. We work hard to drive our house brands, those ranges that are exclusive to House of Fraser so that we offer a point of difference to our customer. In my role, I get involved closely in delivering a VIP experience to customers. For example I have grown ‘Personal Shopping' from a standing start to something that now accounts for 10% turnover of my business.

Security is another big consideration - both from a staff and customer perspective - providing a safe, clean and secure environment is key.

And of course profitability - making sure that through teamwork, good sales and service we are delivering maximum profit and driving business success.

For me personally, the bit I enjoy most is the interaction with people. I'm a huge people person - I just couldn't sit behind a desk all day! I also like the diversity - both within the team and the wide variety of customers we welcome through our doors -It's a great place to be at the moment. The culture here is changing for the better. We have just launched our new company vision and set of values, which is really exciting, as everyone has a clear picture of what we are aiming to be and how we will get there. I also love the fact that I am given the freedom to be the ‘MD' of my own business - House of Fraser is not a place for ‘red tape' - so I can make daily decisions that improve business and profitability, without going through hoops to get there.

To sum up, working here in three words? I would say: Dynamic, Challenging and Passionate!

If you're thinking of joining us, visit our Stores, talk to some of the team - it gives you a true feeling of what the business is about. If you're good with people then you should certainly look at a career in retail - because retail is all about people."


Regional Director

"The true rewards lie in the opportunities to work with great brands and great people."
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"Hi, I'm Antony, I'm a Regional Director at House of Fraser and I've been doing the role for just over two years. I currently look after our seven stores in London and the south east: Oxford Street, Westfield, Victoria, City, Croydon, Bluewater and Lakeside.

My key responsibilities are to make sure we deliver great service, have great people working within our stores, and ultimately make maximum profit from those four locations.

What's crucial in my role is that I lead by example. This begins on the shop floor with our customers, interacting with them and exceeding their needs. It's vitally important that I remove any barriers in the way of delivering great service - this means being accessible, leading by example and selecting the right people for the job.

I really enjoy the diversity of having seven stores. It's fast paced, dynamic, always changing and there are some great brands. Though there's a lot of heritage at House of Fraser, there's a real freshness around the business and the way we work, that's visible in the team spirit - everyone working together to achieve the same end goal. There's a real sense that if we all work together and support each other, we'll have a greater chance of achieving what we need to.

Besides being materially rewarding, the true rewards of working in such an exciting business lies in the opportunities to work with great brands and great people. I'd say to anyone considering joining, that they should choose House of Fraser because we have a unique position in the market; providing unique ranges and some great stores in great locations.

The business is really moving forward and there are lots of opportunities for people to grow and develop. And, even though there are 60+ stores, there is a real sense that we're all one team.

Every day is different and it's this variety that makes the role so engaging. I started having worked in a similar role, but received what I consider the best induction anyone could wish for - a full 360° feedback of my role that really helps me to improve and develop. There's no reason, given the opportunities at House of Fraser, why someone couldn't start as a sales advisor and aspire to be a Regional Director one day. Work hard on impressing customers, show passion and commitment, and you could quickly progress your career in an exciting direction."


Assistant Merchandiser

"If you have a positive attitude, this is the place to be!"
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"Hello, I'm Rebecca and I'm an Assistant Merchandiser for House of Fraser. My key responsibilities are to support the Merchandiser in Planning and Trade to develop ranges; pre-forecasting, managing stock plans and overseeing the allocation of stock appropriately. Through expert range planning, we strive to have the right products in the right sizes in all our Stores, to ensure we meet our customer expectations consistently every time they visit.

I really enjoy working with the team, especially when you see positive results. Our culture is quite unique, it's relaxed, while also focused, and we work cohesively in a team to get the job done. I find the social side of it great too. I shouldn't say it, but I spend more time with my colleagues than I do with my family! For those wanting to make friends, it's a great place to make that happen.

If I were to sum up working here in three words, I would say that House of Fraser is rewarding, evolving and fun.

Prior to joining, I worked as an Allocator with another retailer. However, I wanted a career in a bigger environment that could offer me more experience in other areas. One of the main reasons I joined House of Fraser was their commitment to internal development, they really focus on developing you and there are definitely opportunities to grow here. Training is a huge part of the job, there is never a dull moment and at the same time it's a relaxed atmosphere, completely focused on getting the job done.

I love starting from scratch, planning ahead for a season, and getting to the end - when the Management team congratulates you - that's when you feel like all of your hard work has been worthwhile.

I couldn't recommend it enough - if you have a positive attitude, this is the place to be!"


Multi Channel Logistics Manager

"House of Fraser really is the place where everything comes together!"
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"Hello I'm Caroline, Multi-channel Logistics Manager, and I have been with House of Fraser for about 18 months. I'm responsible for managing the product and people who support our multi-channel operation.

Ecommerce is still in its infancy, so there's still a lot of work to do and plenty of opportunities. It also means working closely with third party partners, to maintain good levels of service and standards to our online customers. All this enables us to stay ahead in this highly competitive market.

One of my core areas is to develop new packaging and new processes; supporting innovative launches like Mary Portas. Everything needs to be up to the right standard, so that our online customers receive the same quality of products and experience as those who shop in our stores.

The most enjoyable part of my role is reacting to the business strategic goals, providing the kind of practical solutions that help our business drive change and be competitive. We're always coming up with new ways to help the customer - such as better delivery options or our buy and collect service. It's our job to provide the platform for the business to be a leading ecommerce site. We also look after the wedding list operation, picking and packing and getting it right first time to the customer.

Personally, I think I work in the best department! There is so much growth in ecommerce and supply chain. We've just established a brand new warehouse and distribution centre dedicated to online, it's the biggest change in supply chain that's ever happened, so there has never been a better time to join.

It's a great culture. To be successful here, you need to be proud of the brand. Our store teams work so hard to create a world class shopping environment. We need to match these expectations - without the sales person being there, through to the way the product is packed and delivered.

I have a varied background, working for another retailer in their stores and at their distribution centre, as well as for a third party distributor. This has allowed me to understand the industry from all sides. Retail is not about bricks and mortar - there is so much that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen, and people's perception of retail is changing all the time. To anyone considering a career in this area I would say that you'll love the teamwork and the challenge that ecommerce offers. House of Fraser really is the place where everything comes together!"



"We deliver a VIP experience - making sure our customer never walks away disappointed."
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"My name is Catherine, I'm a Merchandiser on Beauty and I've been working for House of Fraser for three and a half years. My key responsibility is to plan and trade the colour skin care and brands on beauty, to maximise our profit. My role helps us to deliver a VIP experience, by making sure we always have the right stock, in the right quantities, in the right places - so that our customer never walks away from the counter disappointed.

What I enjoy most is working with different people - our brand partners, individuals in our store support centre, and our store teams – it's also great to hear customer testimonials. We do a lot of store visits – it is always interesting to see the customer interaction and understand better what it is that they want and what their needs are.

Certainly for me, what makes working at House of Fraser so great is the people. It's like working as part of one big team and everyone is working towards the same goal.

It's an innovative culture - especially in my field. When we launch a new concept, we find out what works and what doesn't. For me, House of Fraser gives me a chance to try different things and look after such diverse areas of products. I look after colour skin care brands, multi-global brands and also tiny new brands, where it could be their first retail outlet in the world - it's such a unique role!

House of Fraser stood out as a career choice because of the passion of the people I met. That first interview had a big impact on me. Since then I have had lots of training, particularly on the business systems and processes, as well as management courses and away days. They really invest in training. Whatever you want, they will try to find a way of doing it for you.

I came here, as an Assistant Merchandiser three and a half years ago, and I am now a Merchandiser. I see myself continuing to move forward. My advice to anyone thinking about joining House of Fraser would be to research the company and their position in the high street, and really present yourself well - know what you want from your career, be confident and show your passion for the industry. You can't teach passion and I think that's really important - that will carry you as far as you want to go.


Sales & Product Learning & Development Advisor

"We take risks, we’re creative and inspirational – we’re an exciting business."
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"Hi, I'm Colin and I've been in the Learning and Development team at House of Fraser for five years. My key responsibilities are to ensure that our teams in Store are fully knowledgeable and confident in selling our products. This involves me being fully immersed in launching new brands, as well as development within the Store Support Centre for the Buying and Merchandising teams.

Because my role is directly related to the people side of the business, it's vital that you have to give them the right experience that makes them want to be part of our business. It's about treating individuals in a way that engages and develops excitement and makes them feel part of something special. One of the best parts is watching people grow and develop through different roles - whether that be at store level or coming through our store support centre

I've worked in a few retail environments and what I really notice about House of Fraser is how open they are to change. They are passionate about continually moving forward and aim to be the most reputable premium department store in the UK and Ireland

I find it highly rewarding watching the business grow and at the same time delivering a great result - especially for key moments like a new store opening, a huge brand launch or when I get involved in a ground breaking development. The business has evolved significantly in the last few years, and is continuing to evolve. We take risks, we're creative and inspirational – we're an exciting business to be in.

My advice to anyone wanting to join us would be to just be honest with yourself about what you want to do, and what you can bring to the table. It's a place where you can make a real difference to the business and yourself."


Senior Finance Manager

"The business just gets more passionate about investment and new ideas with each passing year."
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"Hi, I'm Fred and I've been with House of Fraser for ten years. I started my career as Operations Manager in store, followed by a six-month secondment in finance, and here I am - six years later - responsible for the Group's P&L accounts and full accountability for all budgets and costs.

On a more detailed level my role is to provide our Stores and Store Support Centre with the resources they need to maximise profit and support the incredible growth of our e-commerce offering. In my department we put internal and external customers first - removing excessive tasks from the front line and helping teams to concentrate on selling first and foremost. I get great enjoyment from my job - supporting and sometimes challenging ideas and concepts, and overseeing commercial ventures that might get rolled-out group-wide.

House of Fraser is a great place to work, fast-paced, exciting and evolving. It's rewarding too, with excellent career progression - seeing your ideas come to fruition and working together to achieve this is really satisfying. Although the business has been around a very long time, it just gets more passionate about investment and new ideas with each passing year. It's a great place to work!"


Assistant Buyer

"This is a number one career choice if you’re looking for variety, opportunity and fun."
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"My name is Ian and for the past three and a half years I have been an Assistant Buyer for Menswear Fashion. Each season I am responsible for buying the ranges from top brands such as Nike, Fred Perry, Gant etc. and assist with managing the stock within the store; ensuring we get a good sell through at the end of the season. This means making sure we have the right product, at the right time, in the right stores.

House of Fraser is a great place to use my skills, working with some of the most exciting brand names with responsibility for a significant turnover, in a supportive team environment. This is something that would be hard to achieve in any other business.

My career was always destined to be in buying - it's always something I wanted to do. I completed a degree in Retail Management in Ireland and moved to London to study Fashion Buying at London College of Fashion, I also completed my post-Grad' study there. I applied for a Buying Assistant role at House of Fraser, starting out with a role in Private Label Brands, before being promoted to Assistant Buyer after 14 months.

What I love about the business is the way things are constantly changing, which presents lots of opportunities to progress. My advice to all prospective candidates is make this a number one career choice if you're looking for variety, opportunity and fun"


Senior Sales Manager

"Every day is different and an opportunity to do things even better."
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"Hello I'm James, Senior Sales Manager for House of Fraser. My key responsibility is to ensure that I create the environment for my team to live our vision and values – making sure that service is high on the agenda every day, leading by example and ensuring each of my areas are profitable.

My role is really important from a strategic point of view, in terms of leading by example on the shop floor - working with my sales managers, coaching them on how to deliver a VIP service. Also working with the teams on the shop floor and serving customers myself, and giving feedback to our store support centre about our products and sales.

What I enjoy the most is watching and being instrumental in my team's growth. It's like running my own business, with lots of empowerment. Every day is different and an opportunity to do things even better.

The rewards here are excellent, with bonus schemes and incentives throughout the year. It's perfect for the ambitious - I've made it to where I am in only 3 years! I don't think I would get that support anywhere else. In a nutshell it's an aspirational, premium and visionary place to work.

My career began in the menswear department as Sales Manager and I started on the fast-track programme. This gave me support over a year with structured courses to become a Senior Sales Manager, which I achieved a year and a half ago. I also won a place on House of Fraser's managerial development programme, which is about promoting Senior Sales Managers to Deputy Store Managers. I was also chosen by House of Fraser to attend the Oxford summer school. All in all, I don't think any other retailer could invest more in its people!

The atmosphere in-store is fast paced, creative, with passionate people. It's also ever changing and a place where we all share in success. The best advice I could give is if you ever want to develop yourself as a Manager, or as an individual, join us! I've had countless opportunities and so much positive feedback - I don't think there is a platform quite like it anywhere in retail!"


Development Project Manager

"It's a hard-working, fun group of people, where everyone goes that extra mile."
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"Hi, my name is Jo and I have been with House of Fraser for nine years. My key responsibility is to look after the inspirational developments for our website. We look after and change all of the front and back end systems - whenever there is a new development, I project manage and deliver it.

My role helps to deliver a VIP service to customers by improving the website, so the functionality, look and feel improves all of our users' experience. It's great to see all the hard work we put into a project come to fruition and the successful delivery of another key project.

What makes working at House of Fraser so good is the people - everyone is really friendly and works well as a team. It's a hard-working, fun group of people, where everyone goes that extra mile to do a good job because they care so much. Besides that, I also really love the staff discount!

Why choose House of Fraser? I think it has a lot to do with the management style. I used to run my own business and here I still feel I have the benefit of ‘owning' the role. It's a very open culture, approachable and positive.

The ethos is excellent and House of Fraser has treated my circumstances so well. When I started I was a Mum with young children, and they were excellent about providing me with flexible hours so I could work around my home life.

All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend House of Fraser - The training, teamwork, passion and commitment make it a special place to be."


Brand Specialist

"Development is constant and keeps us fully motivated - the atmosphere here is like nothing else!"
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"My name is Lola, Brand specialist of the prestigious BIBA range. My key responsibilities are to deliver high levels of sales and customer service - ensuring my passion and commitment resonate to the rest of the team, so that they do their best too.

My role is to deliver a VIP experience, by sharing the knowledge I have about BIBA with the customer - going the extra mile and giving that extra personal service. I think the best thing about working at House of Fraser is helping the customers - going that extra mile and creating loyalty. It's an exciting place to work though I'm focused on one brand, it still feels like one big team - it's a terrific bond between the brand partners and the store.

Besides some excellent rewards and terrific bonuses, another key benefit is the opportunity to develop here. To progress from a part-time sales assistant to brand specialist so quickly is really exciting. I was looking for a new challenge and when this opportunity came up I just went for it!

In my view, what sets us apart from other retailers is the training. Development is constant and keeps us fully motivated - that and the fact that this is such a welcoming place to work. The atmosphere here is like nothing else!"



Sales Manager

"From this role I could go anywhere - the doors are always open in this business."
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"Hello, I'm Melanie and I've been with House of Fraser for about a year. My key responsibilities are to drive young fashion within Womenswear; making sure that my team are focused, know what they are doing for the day, what the targets are and that everyone is fully prepared to serve the customer during the busy day ahead.

To deliver outstanding experience, I think it's vital to set out clear expectations for the team, and to lead by example in everything I do. I love the people aspect of my job - the best part being the interaction between my team and customers. Adapting to every situation and making a difference to the whole shopping experience.

House of Fraser is a place that is very ‘now'. It moves expertly with the times ensuring that what we deliver is contemporary, exciting and very focused on providing a unique fashion experience. Joining the management team, it's vital that everyone - from the Store Manager down - is very hands-on and visible. It's a real teamwork environment.

This career delivers so much job satisfaction, knowing I've done everything to the very best of my ability - it's a great feeling and a great business to work for.

I started in Oxford Street - our flagship store - as a Supervisor within a very short time I was offered the chance to go on the Management Training Programme and from there I developed myself into the role of Sales Manager. From this role I could go anywhere - the doors are always open in this business."


Senior Sales Advisor

"It’s very customer service focused, progressive and inspirational - buzzing and very welcoming."
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"As Acting Young Fashions Manager it's my job to coach and motivate my team, ensuring that the whole department is running smoothly.

Delivering outstanding customer service is key to my role - leading my team to deliver great service, as well as promote and sell. For me, the job is all about the customers - I love working as part of a team - but at the end of the day it's that interaction on the shop floor that makes all the difference.

Promotion comes quick here, I've only been here 11 months, starting as a brand specialist, quickly moving up to the role of Supervisor and now I'm Acting Young Fashions Manager - which goes to prove this is the place to be if you want to get somewhere.

The culture at House of Fraser is very customer service focused it's also progressive and inspirational, not to mention buzzing and very welcoming. My advice to anyone looking to join would be to be honest with yourself - you're going to have to work hard to get to where you want to be, but you'll get all the opportunities you've been looking for if you're up for the challenge."


Online Acquisition Manager

"Online and offline, we are committed to becoming the premium department store of choice."
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"Hi, my name is Simon, I'm Online Acquisition Manager and I've been working for House of Fraser for four months. Mine is a very new and unique area - I look after all the external online partnerships to support us in driving traffic to our website.

My role helps us deliver a VIP experience by allowing us to put the right message in front of the right people at the start of the advertising process, I ensure that we give our customers visibility of the relevant adverts, which directs them to the part of our site that is right for them.

What really makes House of Fraser such an innovative place is getting to work with so many passionate people – those that are passionate about fashion, about the products they work with and the overall vision and values of the business. You can see this in action in the way that people take ownership for the part they play.

Now is definitely the time to join! We remain focused on developing our strategy nationally and internationally, online and offline and are committed on becoming the premium department store of choice. Be part of something special - a place where everyone is united towards the same goal and the opportunities are there for the taking! Which makes us different from other retailers.


Sales Support Team Leader

"It's so varied, there really isn’t a dull moment!"
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"Hello, I'm Theresa and I've worked for House of Fraser for 12 years. My role is to support the Sales Team and Sales Managers and resolving any queries for customers and staff. Daily I'm there to supervise the team and ensure the smooth running of the store operations.

It's a crucial management role and a core part of delivering a VIP experience to our customers. Whether it is ensuring our new starters receive a great induction, to ensuring our tills are running correctly - it's so varied, there really isn't a dull moment!

The standards of the business are high. We all understand fully the vision and values and we can see the difference it makes when the whole team put their heart into something and work together as one team.

The company never stands still. We're always changing, improving and developing with real staff involvement - everyone's opinion is listened to and this makes a big difference to the success and profitability of the business.

I always wanted to work with a premium brand and House of Fraser seemed the perfect choice. I started on the shop floor, before moving into the business support role. The training that has been provided throughout my career has been second to none. It's a great business to be part of - Premium, Progressive and Inspiring."